The podcast is back! And you might be wondering who the two dudes in the grainy Instagram screenshot are. Well, the dude on the right is the host, Joe Leppanen. And there’s yours truly on the right. We had a blast chatting on one of the MANY episodes you’ll find below. We are hoping to start the conversation by getting to know various movers and shakers in the industry, discussing everything from gear to the wild stories and anecdotes you want to hear.

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Episode 24: Zach Frost

Episode 23: We Are The Movies

Episode 22: Harmless Habit

Episode 21: Dan Colasanto (When All We Love Is Lost)

Episode 20: Hales On-Air

Episode 19: PFC Pierce

Episode 18: a conversation with founder Ryan Getz

Episode 17: label me lecter

Episode 16: Ex-Nihilo

Episode 15: Heroes Like Villains

Episode 14: Hello Luna

Episode 13: Pray For Sleep

Episode 12: Sound Engineer Nick Magoteaux

Episode 11: Absolute Hero

Episode 10: The Candescents

Episode 9: Sarob

Episode 8: Something Else

Episode 7: Recording Engineer Jakob Mooney

Episode 6: The Forty and Summer NAMM Discussion

Episode 5: Jared Mahone

Episode 4: 90’s Kids

Episode 3: DAYMARE

Episode 2: Zoo Trippin’

Episode 1: Captain Kidd