Steadfast Festival returns in 2019, featuring RadioU mainstays Mike Mains and the Branches and electropop trio SHAED, of MacBook Air commercial fame.

Steadfast returns in 2019 to Strongwater Food and Spirits with a diverse lineup sure to please indie music fans from multiple backgrounds. From the high energy blues driven rock and roll of Zoo Trippin to the pop-laced funk of Spirit of the Bear,  people will be grooving all day long come March 9th, 2019.

Also appearing will be The Forty, whose guitarist, Joe Leppanen, hosts the Tuned Up Podcast.

Pensive indie rockers Faintheart of Kansas City and Indianapolis hip hop artist O.D.D.I.T.Y will be appearing in Columbus for the first time.

Nashville’s Ooko Studios will provide media support in the form of filming sets during the day, in the style of Audiotree and Daytrotter.


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