Ryan Getz – Founder and chief writer: Ryan Getz graduated in 2011 from Wheaton College in Illinois with a BA in Business/Economics, and is passionate about all things associated with a growing dichotomy of music appreciation.  He currently lives in Columbus, OH and works for a private equity investment firm Fillmore Capital Partners as an analyst. His other passions include disc golf, ping pong, travel and exploration, theology, Graeter’s double chocolate chip ice cream, and most importantly navigating the adventure of being a follower of Christ.

Ray Cobra – Senior Contributor: I’ve been in love with music since I was a kid. It was the one thing that kept me busy besides soccer. My mom always told me that if I spent as much time reading magazines and going to shows as I did on school that I would have made straight As. At the present moment I live in PA in a small town called Long Pond, its about an hour and 20 minutes from Philly. I am originally from Valdosta, GA. I’m also in school right now, working on recieving my degree in Ministry/Leadership from Ohio Christian University through their online program.

Chris McLafferty – Contributor: You won’t find a guy more passionate about his local music scene than this guy. Chris is a guy with big ideas that is also heavily involved in Columbus-based the Hot 17, planning a myriad of events with an emphasis on good music and having a good time. This hyper hyena of a gentleman can be observed in any number of dive bars getting culturally plastered on a regular basis at a number of locations throughout Columbus. In short, this guy works hard and plays hard!

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