25th Hour – the last thing you see

25th Hour breaks the tension with a record that explores themes of heartbreak even though the sound seems upbeat. The act don’t go by the same pop punk template either, as they implement a new direction, and they don’t charge for glory for the sake of it, as they proudly rally their art.  

Lyrically, the band describe a crash into torment, and they convey through their songs a sense of longing. The band find it hard to breathe too, and the world is weighing on their shoulders, and bit by bit they collide with their feelings, though their art doesn’t suffer. 

From the onset, the band force their way through the curdled atmosphere, and with this collection, this thrilling EP, they fly the flag for unfiltered pop punk. Safety Dance starts the EP off. The lyrics are fearless, and the guitars offer a loud contrast, breaking in and out brilliantly well. The band is in their element here too, clashing with the world as they commit to the music.  

Kings begins slowly, echoing, and proving the band have the knack of creating slow build-ups. The song eventually explodes into a frenzy when the chorus hits. It’s another pleasing track.  

New Faith is a heartbreaking track, showing the band in a new light. Lyrically, the song explores lost love, hopelessness, and bad traits. Musically, the guitars and the percussion interweave to create such richness.  

25th Hour dodges clichés on The Last Thing You See. The music has that melancholic style, but it doesn’t lose any energy.  

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