5 Rising Tik Tok Artists We Love

Peter McPoland

Peter McPoland released, “Sh*t Show,” in September 2021 piggybacking off of the success of his prior single, ‘Romeo & Juliet’  which brought him a large audience on TikTok. 

He sings about wanting to be more present in his life, and admitting “Honestly, it’s a sh*t show, my God” in the chorus. It’s the catchy kind of song that gets stuck in your head all day.

Maisie Peters

It all started when Peters took to Twitter to write, “guys shall I do something deeply insane yes or no,” before directing everyone to her TikTok where she had done the insane thing. Her TikTok featured a clip of a song that she had written about falling in love with her best friend’s brother which neither he friend nor her brother had heard. The clip of the song garnered almost half a million views which started a long-winding journey towards the song being released in full. 

In the middle of April, she finally announced that the full song was being released and we would get to hear the rest of the Cate’s Brother love story.

Maisie Peters is now on tour with Ed Sheeran on his 2022 + – = ÷ x Tour’ (pronounced ‘The Mathematics Tour’).

Stephen Sanchez

Stephen Sanchez is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Not too long ago, he released a charismatic indie-pop tune, entitled, “Until I Found You.” 

‘Until I Found You’ blends blissful doo-wop melodies with breezy guitar and delicate tambourine. With enough sweet summer soul to make Roy Orbison smile, the momentum builds towards a swooning refrain as Stephen Sanchez admits, “I used to say I would never fall in love until I found her.” 

Sanchez began rising to fame through his TikTok channel, where his voice has captivated over half a million followers with this tune!

Annie DiRusso

Annie DiRusso didn’t think she would make it on TikTok. As an indie rock musician, it just didn’t seem like the algorithm would rule in her favor, but she already ruled so much in general that it didn’t matter.

It’s not that Annie isn’t confident in herself—she’s a senior at Belmont University who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or wear her signature style (blunt bangs and bright green eyeshadow). She just wasn’t sure how she’d find virality in a sea of people that crave trendy dances and quirky comedians. Eventually, her guitarist convinced her to give it a try, and from there she skyrocketed. So what exactly happened?

It comes as no surprise her indie influences are  Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Daucus. Annie asserts a sense of radical honesty in her work, telling stories through her songs, narrating love lost, and grappling with God. “I think there’s just a lot of really talented women in indie rock right now,” Annie said. “I think that lyrically it’s pretty unmatched.”

Odie Leigh

As first seen on TikTok, Odie Leigh’s long-awaited “Crop Circles” does not disappoint.

“Crop Circles” opens with a methodical acoustic guitar that dips, floats and twists in the sonic space that it creates. You can feel it spatially, as the track reverberates around your head; it’s like sitting in the room alongside Leigh as she plucks out soft, staccato notes on a hand-me-down six-string. Repetitive finger-style acoustic takes on a heavy weight in the center of the track, acting almost percussively, with the muted clack of guitar strings driving the song ever-forward — it is simple and refined — and requires no accompaniment. Leigh plays this hypnotic and inviting guitar line that moves in tandem with raw, shimmering vocals — verse after verse transfixes the listeners in place, spellbound, perhaps swaying gently or standing still with eyes closed. 

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