7 years – missing empathy

This intelligent album details sorrow and the broken world. Missing Empathy by Italian punks 7 years is a frantic LP, one pulsating with tight instrumentals and lyrics which evoke sensitivity. Sentimentality also makes its way into the equation at moments, as it’s not just a brash record, but a collection of songs that stir emotions. The band is politically tuned in too, with so many of these tracks infused by detailed commentary.

This commentary can be stark and eye-opening, giving the listener an insight into the workings of this band, an act not settling for watered down information. They seem to crave change and integrity too, gearing their music towards the sky, while looking for a change in direction. The music is one thing, but it’s the lyrical quality that really sparks interest. Like razor-sharp poetry, it connects to the brief of what they’re trying to achieve, and that’s marking their place.

Missing Empathy breaks habits. It isn’t one of those records that has one killer song or riff; it has many. Studded with elements of punk and even hard-core, it embraces technicalities, and blows away repetitiveness. And the band has worked tirelessly on this formula, which doesn’t tire or become droned out.

The album starts with Mando. A monologue carries the song into a punk rock frenzy. Truly blistering, the track, sparks fury and the riff complements the fast vocals and lyrics which tell tales of political unrest. Follow The Genuis breaks through the unwanted noise, and the riff carries the track through a curdled, but interesting atmosphere. The lyrics detail battles and an imperfect world. On The Deck naturally blooms into a punk rock number, adding a raucous riff and breakneck percussion. Social Distance is a fast-paced track layered up and distinctive. It is relevant lyrically, and the band does not lower their tone.

7 Years is a band on the warpath. Their album is their statement, their collection of fiery anecdotes.

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