Packaging lyrical magic with sonics from legendary musicians such as Sigur Ros, Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers and Tycho is the collaboration listeners could only dream of until now. Label, Formless, is leading the charge with this extremely innovative concept album called Innerspace Music. Justin Boreta, one half of The Glitch Mob and co-founder of Formless explains:

“We worked with various artists such as Sigur Ros, Tycho, Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers, The Album Leaf, and East Forest to create new compositions to pair and elevate guided meditations from the likes of Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Tara Branch, Mooji, and more. It’s an incredibly impactful art form and meditation method that really resonated with me and has the potential to reach an entirely new audience, bringing meditation through music to a younger generation..” 

Lead single “Just Be” – a collaboration between Boreta’s Superposition and Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers – is out now along with the full album track listing (see below).

 By combining classic teachings with contemporary music, Innerspace Music intends to reach a much wider audience than the niche pockets where these projects have lived in the past. The message and truth packed into these recordings is universal, and this project intends to elevate and bring to life awareness, mindfulness and loving kindness for as many people as possible. 


Sigur Ros, Alan Watts – The Art of Meditation 

Tycho, Superposition, Alan Watts – Inevitable Ecstasy 

Nailah Hunter, Ram Dass – Let the Light In 

Jeremiah Fraites, Superposition, Ram Dass – Just Be

The Album Leaf, Superposition, Jack Kornfield – Infinite Moment 

Badge Epoch, Ram Dass – The Light 

Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith, Superposition, Tara Brach – Deep Listening 

Vivian Koch, Jack Kornfield – Feelings of Presence

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