6 Songs For Your Fall Playlist

little image – “LUNGS BURN”: A friend of mine made a bold claim recently – that little image is the new MUTEMATH. When you’re around Yours Truly, you don’t just throw around terms like that lightly. So, does it hold up? To be honest, I’m still deciding on the verdict, but I do know that this new era is pretty stinking satisfying and fun. Not too long ago I mused that I wished this band would just “drop the album” already. But “Lungs Burn” is a pretty nifty groove to tide us over. This sound is has a lot going on, but is accessible all the same. It’s an anthem for the masses, with nuggets dropped into the composition sure to make most music geeks grin. -RG

VEAUX – “Over & Over”: Time and time again, alt-pop act VEAUX of Nashville have proved their mastery of wistful earworms. “Over & Over” is no exception. Aaron Wagner’s vocals and the overall production here remind me distinctly of Andrew Belle, a quintessential Autumn artist in my book. Indeed, “Over & Over” feels the product of both a Glass Animals and an Andrew Belle recording session. -RG

Joey Aich – “Brown Liquor”: Joey Aich has found his lane and is owning it. In the past, I’ve thought about the contrast between the high energy, affable dude I know IRL versus the pensive, night drive vibe of his tracks. But performances of tracks like “Rossi on the Deck” prove that those two moods can coexist. I have no doubt that “Brown Liquor” will have the crowds lost in the vibe. -RG

Arkells, Featuring Tegan and Sarah – “Teenage Tears”: Canadian rock act Arkells return with “Teenage Tears,” the latest single from their upcoming album Blink Twice (out now). The track, which sees the band connecting with Tegan and Sara for a dramatic tune that revels in the intensity of adolescent emotions, arrives alongside a video; get an exclusive first look below.

“There’s a particular kind of intense emotional pain that reminds me of high school,” vocalist Max Kerman tells Consequence. “This song is about how occasionally you can still feel that kind of sadness as an adult. We were trying to do something that might feel somewhere between Olivia Rodrigo and The National or Bon Iver.” -MF

Young the Giant – “My Way”: “My Way” is the second single from the band’s forthcoming album American Bollywood – a concept album that tells the multi-generational saga of the American immigrant experience. It’s a timely and relevant story, told through the lens of singer Sameer Gadhia, who is the son of Indian immigrants.

The album is being unveiled in four parts, with “My Way” coming from the second act, ACT II: EXILE. American Bollywood is set for release on October 21 via AWAL/Jungle Youth Records.

Identity is at the core of “My Way” – both in terms of the personal struggles of Gadhia and in terms of the immigrant experience as a whole. In the song, Gadhia sings of feeling like an outsider in both the United States and in India. He yearns for a sense of belonging while dealing with the feeling of being displaced, caught between worlds. -MF

Beacon Featuring Colin Stetson – “Ostrich” : “Ostrich” is a slow and beautifully haunting track, with a driving, yet soft and light, piano and fluttering horns, woodwind and other instrumentation. Like a moment passing through time, neither stopping, slowing nor speeding up, the tune floats through the air as it reverberates an undeniable impermanence. At its musical core, the song was inspired by a tuning technique used by Lou Reed and John Cale in The Velvet Underground. From there, Mullarney III and Gossett built up the single to be layered with instrumentation and hypnotic synth. -MF

Compiled by Ryan Getz and Morgan Fisher.

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