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By Ryan G

Ill Peach – “Hush”

featured photo credit – Lucy Sandler

ill peach, a duo from LA, have released the industrial-tinged pop track “Hush” which calls attention to human suffering and resilience in the face thereof. The way this track comes together can be sad when you need it to be and angry when you need it to be. It doesn’t feel quite right to call this suitable for happy occasions (this isn’t a happy song) but it can be cathartic even if nothing in particular is bothering you. The production punches you in the face but there are moments of beauty present too. I find the way everything comes together here to be very interesting and make this a dark horse for one of the more memorable songs of the year.

Elle Azar – “I Have Everything”

Nashville-based Elle Azar is back after a bit of a hiatus with a banger of a tune. While her earlier work had an unassuming atmospheric quality to it, this time she brings to the table a fresh dose of attitude. “I Have Everything” is an adrenaline inducing journey inspired by a gamut of trials that the songwriter had to navigate the past few years – the producer, Austin Davis said of the song, ““this sound is really the only way to communicate the angst and insanity of what happened to you guys.” Sometimes, when deep in prayer and at the end of your rope, you have to say “If you’re all I have, then I have everything.” Tuned Up is excited for this new era of Elle Azar.

Bandit Heart – “Shield”

What does “grandiose bedroom pop” sound like? Enya, apparently. Like this artist, I grew up on Enya (thanks, Mom!). I say that with zero sarcasm and frankly don’t really understand why she has become a punchline in the industry for many. The transcendent nature of layering vocals on themselves dozens of times over is something Bandit Heart understands. “Shield” brings into the present the moment in time captures by the radio mix of “Only Time” that was popularized in 2001 and 2002.

Matisyahu – “Fireproof”

I think the world really needs a new single from Matisyahu right now. This new soaring release (yes, I know – he’s still going! Yes, that’s awesome). The song is an anthem of overcoming adversity and makes reference to Moses’ encounter with the burning bush and the implications that followed. Every fire we walk through prepares us for what’s to come and there is always reason to hope. Today, more than ever, people need to hear this message. Plus, it just slaps. The blend of reggaeton beats and atmospheric production is really on point and frankly makes me want to further explore a genre I don’t find myself in a lot. Let’s have a Bad Bunny / Matisyahu tour, please. This is the lead single from the Hold the Fire EP, due out February 2, 2024.

Sansol The Artist – “My Way”

The Nashville based musician is back with a short banger that, like most else he does, is tailor made to stick in your head. It’s been awhile since we last heard from him; “Pocket Size” was an empowerment anthem and “My Way” is similar in this regard. This song has attitude and hits you a way that makes an impression that’s almost annoying at first, but then as the refrain lingers in your head you actually really realize you dig it. Whatever your impression is, be aware that Sansol the Artist is doing things his way and makes no apologies for it.

Cellar Dwellar – “Alecto”

Cellar Dwellar is a band for when you’re not sure if you want to mosh or zone out. Or maybe you want to do both during the same song. Their newest single “Alecto” is off a full-length album coming January 2024 and it starts out hard and fast with a lot of noodling and contemplative singing. The band has an uncanny knack for fitting in just about anywhere they are needed in DIY and I think this next record will cement their status as a pillar of the Columbus DIY community – even though they already are. “Alecto” will confuse and amaze you. Kade’s vocals are something to behold, both conversational and abrasive at times.

Public Transit – “Softly and Tenderly”

I can’t remember the last time I’ve sung this hymn in person, but it has to have been at least 20 years. Just reading the title elicits memories of sitting next to my parents in church, dressed up, and not quite awake (the service with the hymns, aka the traditional service, aka the service with all the old people was early in the morning). This project, led by Louisville based Noah Dirig, chooses an ethereal direction for this hymn. This is something I’d like to hear more often. Flourishes here and there accent the arrangement effectively. There’s something warm and mysterious about the invitation of Christ here. That in and of itself says something about the character of God, I think.

Kate Clover – “No More Romance”

A few things are timeless, and that includes a good old fashioned angsty anti-love song. Kate Clover knows this and straddles the line between new wave and punk effortlessly in her new single “No More Romance.” This is one of those songs that is so in your face you there is either full attention with the volume turned all the way up or no attention at all. Those are your choices with a song like this. Catch Kate on tour with The Hives through November 15th! Now that sounds like a good match to us!

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