AnythingFest – A Review

Everything goes at Anythingfest.

This “festival” had a lot of potential to be one of the greatest events of the year. I put festival in quotations because there were supposed to be fans/listeners sleeping on the property overnight. It was in the woods and some people brought tents but I don’t think anyone decided to stay if they weren’t intoxicated.

Let’s take a look at the line up from bottom to top: DETAINS, HAMP.10, C. HOLMES, GHOST WHIP (aka COLE HARPER), THUG HIPPIE, GREG BUSSIE, JULIE GARCIA, CHECKMAT3, CA$HK, WES WILLIAMS, BENZOFUEGO, DELTA FISH, YOUNG MARK, OMGPRKR, HYPEREALM, SICKISH, NATURE DOG, BABYDRACO, PHAN7OM, RONN BLACK, GXLATO, IMPERIUM, $AVVY, TERRANCE ESCOBAR, MEDIC, JUWC, SHYANNE, THE FANGS, GLITCH GUM, MANIIA, KEVIN KAZI, MAR MAGGIE MILES, EJ THE MAKER, LYNY, 909MEPHIS, LANDON CUBE. There was lots and lots of great talent at Anythingfest. I would say it was a good mix of alternative rock and rap acts; most of these acts are located locally.

All the acts performed on September, Saturday the 17th on two different stages located on Further Farms. Further farms is a seemingly new hippie, wook, festival venue. As the name implies it is a farm, located in north Nashville just fifteen minutes from the city. I think the venue was perfect for what they had in-mind. It’s outdoors and the weather was perfectly mellow. The venue portion of the farm is not at all the entire farm, it’s just one portion. There is also a wedding venue located on the property as well as an operational farm that grows produce. Further Farms is a locally owned and operated farm that makes sauce and spices.

B stage was in an area when you first arrive, so you were greeted with local rock ands and DJs. The bigger acts performed on A stage that was located in the back. It consisted of the venue constructed stage and sound booth. Both are permanent structures built mostly of wood, they look like they were built from actual trees that he owner chopped down. I assume that Further Farms is quite literally a commune, but it very well might be owned by one person with a lot of land.

I would say overall the marketing was decent, their graphics were consistent and put together. They also had huge engagement with their “Anything Fest Artist Contest” post. This post was how they initially recruited talent for the event. The more people commented your name as an artist they wanted to see, the more likely they would be to add you to the lineup. I liked this as a way to find local talent, it’s truly a democratic way of booking a show.

I would say the event went decently, though it wasn’t as packed as I had anticipated. Considering the size of the venue it could have been a much larger event. I personally think that the lack of lighting was their biggest downfall. When it became dark outside it was simply too dark to see anything. Overall, I’m not sure they’ll host Anythingfest next year, but if they do I’m sure there will be a lot of improvements. It’s up to the audience members in fans to make this the event of the year. The more people show up the more fun it will be!

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