Arts Fishing Club releases “Keep On Walking”

Arts Fishing Club released a new single, “Keep on Walking” following a corporate marketing scheme, Valentine’s Day, to help humanity heal. 

The tune introduces itself in a sonically stoic way, complemented by introspective lyricism. Frontman Christopher Kessenich reflects, “Million thoughts in my head between laying an old love to rest.” To the beat of one foot in front of the other, Arts Fishing Club treds onward into the unknown, progressing hopefully through the highs and lows of grieving and letting go. 

Formerly a member of The Walking Guys, a band that walked 1,600 miles on a tour from Portland, Maine to Nashville in 2019, Kessenich is no stranger to making musical strides, and “Keep on Walking” is a testament to the maturing wordsmith he is and what the forthcoming album has to offer. 

From wandering through a somber 2:45 am walk to catching a stride in the healing process and finding hope in the mystery that today will bring, “Keep on Walking”, is an anthem for the heartbroken and healing. 

“Keep on Walking” is available on all streaming platforms today. Stream it below and follow the band on Instagram.

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