Audiofeed 2017 preview: Good Saint Nathanael

By Ryan G

There isn’t a lot I can say to introduce this interview because I’ve never heard music from this project. In fact, it won’t be announced until Saturday at Audiofeed.

What I do know is that Nate Allen brings a healthy mixture of fun and real life into all his musical endeavors. Whether he’s trying to get you to take yourself less seriously, or simply just being honest with his audience, he’s adept at engaging whomever is present to listen.

I think you’ll find our Q&A with him entertaining and intriguing. Check it out below:

Project: Good Saint Nathanael

Project Debut:  Saturday 5:30 PM Asylum.

What’s your favorite Audiofeed memory?

For me, it’s all about seeing friends. The late night, heartfelt talks are the best! But on a musical note, I got to sing-a-long to “Alison’s The Bomb” by the Huntington’s last year on stage and 17-year-old Nate was quite proud of the man I’ve become.

If any band that no longer exists could headline a show you play, who would it be?

Johnny Cash is the first hero that comes to mind.

What records and/or songs have had heavy rotation these past few months for you?

Care – David Bazan

24 Frames – Jason Isbell

Everything Shall Burn – Insomniac Folklore

Describe your music with language as if you’re ordering a five-course meal.

Soup: I’ll take a family sized bowl of Jerry Lee Lewis-style Broken Gospel Music. Double the trembling hold the fear.

Appetizer: American Music. Johnny Cash (American Recordings Era), Violent Femmes (American Music), and Don McLean (American Pie) are a good start.

Salad: Lyrical Indie Rock for fans of The Weakerthans, The Mountain Goats or Death Cab For Cutie. Please include the rainy weather & a longing for spring.

Main Course: Brutal Honesty wrapped in Americana that cuts straight to the heart. The kind best delivered by David Bazan, John Moreland, and Sufjan Stevens.

Desert:  I’ll take an order of 1994 vintage, Berkeley grown Lookout Records pop punk hooks, please.

Oh man, I’m still hungry! Can I get some Octagrapes?

Do you remember the first album you purchased/received? What was it?

I received MXPX On The Cover for Christmas in 1995. It changed my life, but at the time my split between sacred and secular was so strong that I crossed out all the evil non-Christian tracks.

Who on the Audiofeed lineup (other than your band), has a don’t miss set? You can only pick one (or two).

I’ll be watching David Bazan and Liz Vice.

Have you ever come across an exceptionally good (or bad) tattoo job? What was it?  

I had a friend years ago who was a severe alcoholic and loved to tattoo out of his bedroom. One day he started tattooing the Bad Religion crossbuster on a friend’s chest. Before he realized it he had drawn far outside the lines. Instead of stopping he just completed the mistake. It ended up something like this:

Are there any summer movies you’re especially looking forward to this year?

Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and Valerian.

What’s the ONE THING your music is trying to communicate to the world?

This music has come out of a 4 year sabbatical of sorts for me – where I’ve mostly focused on my recovery from various types of abuse including an ungodly dose of church wounds.  This has led me to believe that many people are unknowingly suffering from the effects of spiritual abuse (in my life this took the form of people questioning my character over silly things, a lot of legalism, as well as some outright long lasting conflicts). You can only stay in a bad situation for so long without your body and mind pushing you to safety – which I would venture to say – heavily contributes to the dropping church numbers we are seeing. Early signs this wounding often include disinterest and distrust. I believe resolution is very possible but that the speed of a person’s recovery is directly linked to the quality of care they receive from qualified helpers and the amount of time they are able to focus on their healing journey.

Here’s a trailer to reveal the project at Audiofeed: 

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