Audiofeed 2021 preview: Meadows

By Ryan G

Outside of Facedown Fest in Southern California, it is likely that Audiofeed in Urbana, IL is where you’ll find the find the largest concentration of Facedown Records bands in a given year. 2021 is no exception, and new signees Meadows will be making their debut appearance at the festival.

The hardcore act is currently promoting their full length album In Those Days & Also After, which will be released the weekend of the festival—September 3rd to be precise. We couldn’t think of a better release day party.

The band will also be appearing at Furnace Fest alongside legendary acts like Underoath, Beloved, Killswitch Engage, and more. Any longtime fan of Facedown artists will find something to like about this group. In the slower songs by Meadows, I’m reminded a bit of Household (formerly of Blood & Ink Records and also Audiofeed alumni)

Listening to this act, I’m instantly transferred to that Audiofeed environment in my mind’s eye. Catch their set and take a read of our interview with them below:

Tuned Up: If you have a mission statement, what is it?

Meadows: Sow seeds of love amidst fields of hate.

What is the biggest challenge, if any, you are facing post-lockdown?

I’d say it’s mostly been surrounding venues in general having the most to handle and deal with. It seems like it’s kind of been a waiting game of seeing who takes the first step. As far as the band goes, lockdown has really solidified us in our creativity in a lot of ways. While we would have loved to have been playing shows this past year, being forced to slow and produce has been a blessing in disguise for us as a unit.

Have you ever reached a fan in an unexpected way? How was that?

We played a show once in a city that we had never been to. At that show I felt pressed to talk about depression and loneliness from the stage, and that we were here to extend an ear for someone struggling. Later someone came over to the table to talk and connect with me. They said it felt like I was speaking directly to them and then they told me that they had planned to go home and attempt to take their life that night until a friend talked them into coming to the show. It was truly a divine appointment and an encounter that I’ll cherish all my days.

You are never alone. 

If you have attended Audiofeed before, what stands out about the fest to you? If not, what are you looking forward to?

Nope! We’re all first timers. It’s always been a bucket list item for me to come, and to think I’m playing it is really surreal. I’m really looking forward to the community aspect of it and getting together with people that have been every year to this thing. I just want to soak it all in. There’s also this odd longing for the quiet times at a festival that I enjoy. That early morning coffee, calm before the storm, kind of thing. 

Tell us about some records this year that excite you.

Oh man, there’s so much to answer this with. Currently, really digging the new stuff from Turnstile, they continue to push an interesting boundary in hardcore music. It’s also a joy to see other Birmingham bands and friends put out new music. Home is important to us. Keep an eye out for Katabasis, Reclaim The Empyre, Raise Hell, Heel Turn, Stay Lost, and then always the heavyweights like Gideon and Erra. 

If the sky were the limit with production opportunities, what would you do to beef up your live show?

We love a raw and authentic sound mostly, and try to have our live show reflective of that. Something that packs as much passion as possible into what we’re doing and the message that we are trying to convey. That being said, if the sky’s the limit… why not have a pulley system so we can all fly around?

Is there anything you want the people to know about your professional future right now?

We are truly just getting started. If you’ve been with us through our growing pains until now, we truly want to thank you for being a part of Meadows. We have no intention on slowing down, straying from who we are or from what got us here. That said, we want to grow and connect at every potential opportunity. If you’re a new supporter, we want to say welcome to the band!


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