Best of 2020 Cover Songs Compilation

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The dynamic combo of AJ Estrada (performing as AJ Albert) and Brandon Peterson (as Cloud Caverns) have returned for their fourth year in a row to present a collection of stunning covers of their favorite songs from 2020. I’ve discovered some pretty great artists through these compilations I would have never known otherwise (like Richard Edwards) and these guys are some of my favorite musicians, so it’s something I honestly look forward to quite a bit.

AJ and Brandon are both from Hotel of the Laughing Tree which is one of my favorite lesser-known bands. You might also recognize Cloud Caverns from our review last month. And AJ does incredible art under the Apple Juice Magic moniker.

This year’s compilation includes songs by Taylor Swift, Fleet Foxes, Bruce Springsteen, The Flaming Lips, and more. Links to everything below.

Famous People Music 4 (2020 Compilation)

Famous People Music 3 (2019 Compilation)

Famous People Music 2 (2018 Compilation)

Famous People Music 1 (2017 Compilation)

Cloud Caverns

AJ Albert

Apple Juice Magic

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