Billy Talent – Self-Titled: A Twist Of Punk

Canadian punk band Billy Talent had taken their time to prove themselves. The act was underground until 2003. After that, they became a burgeoning outfit striking the fuse of mainstream success with their self-titled album. An album raw in its execution, it showcased what this band could do with their instruments and vigour.

The record had it all, snotty nosed vocals and lyrics breaking hearts and kick-starting talking points. It was one of the most well-regarded debuts too, placing Billy Talent on the pedestal, making them a band to consider not only in Canada but across the globe. They became not poster boys, but a band to listen to when rebellion was the only thing on the mind, and when politics was grating down on the nerves.

Musically, Billy Talent’s self-titled record was predominately punk rock. There were elements of rock there too and the vocals were like gnashing teeth. Angry and unapologetic, the album raised hairs, and it solidified Billy Talent as a new force. It was a critical success also, with many citing it as a triggering, breakneck statement. It was that and more, and the record wasn’t a beauty by any stretch of the imagination. It was like a grizzled man on the warpath.

There were 12 songs to listen to with heightened adrenaline. Living In The Shadows peppered the punk rock scene with snotty vocals, well-tuned guitars and imaginative lyricism. A song worthy of praise, it stuck on. Try Honesty became Billy Talent’s signature track, pushing the boundaries of good song writing and boundless energy. The chorus was memorable. River Below sounded like a metal contribution, enforcing a solid story of blood-soaked skin. Standing In The Rain, purposefully pulled at the charm of punk, and the lyrics stole the show.

Billy Talent blew the minds with their debut. It didn’t cease political strife or world problems, but it catered for the punks, lost in themselves.

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