Last week in an Instagram post I mentioned how bands help define parts of my life or where I’m living at that time. Over the past few years, pop-punk band Broadside has been one of those bands. They released their first album Old Bones in the spring of 2015. I didn’t really get into it until early fall that year, and since it has been one of my most played albums. That album was my soundtrack for so many things. “Coffee Talk” was the song that made me think of a certain girl, and I would get all giddy every time I heard it. “Damaged Kids” was the one that got me in my feelings and made me question life. Then in 2017 they dropped Paradise, and the timing was perfect as it quickly became my summer album. The title track made me want to chase my dreams, find my paradise, and be a happier person. “Lose Your Way” was my pick-me-up song and still is. And it’s such a danceable track. I love it!!!!!! Here we are, the summer of 2020, in a dark world, and Broadside are about to drop a new album. Just what we all need.

Into The Raging Sea is Broadside’s third album and their first for Sharptone Records. A match that this writer believes is quite “Heavenly.” Into The Raging Sea kicks off with the track, “Raging Sea.” What a fantastic opener. Everything about it is on point. This is what an opening track should be. It’s so epic and mind-blowing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ollie with so much rage in his voice. I love it. And as with most Broadside songs, the passion and heart that Ollie sings with are unmatched. He is hands down one of the best frontmen in music today. As far as the subject matter, it’s one we all experience, it’s that feeling of self-doubt. The chorus is one that I know I ask myself from time to time; it goes, “Can I make it out? Will I make it out? Is there any point? What’s the fucking point?” This has been my mindset for the last few months with the state of our country. However, at the same time, I think back to Broadside’s last album, Paradise, and I know that I’ll be okay. And so will you. The next standout track is “Foolish Believer,” which was the first single. I like the catchiness of this track. Sometimes catchy is a good thing. I mean that’s part of why pop music is what it is. Again, the chorus sticks out here. And it’s one that I’ve caught myself saying more and more. “I just want to be remembered.” I mean, don’t we all? We all want to make our mark on the world, be it by family, friends, our careers—it’s a fact of life. One of my favorite tracks is “Nights Alone.” I absolutely love poppy dancey 80s music, and this song has that feel to it. So if you want to dance a little, this song is for you. “Breathe You In” is another track that stands out to me. Broadside has made a habit of including at least one love song on their albums, and those are the ones that pull me in even more. And this is that song on this album. Who doesn’t want someone in their lives that loves them that much, that they want to breathe you in. I’m a fan. I also appreciate the fact that there is a line that goes, “I don’t wanna freak you out.” I can see how that could freak some people out. But wow, this song is great.

Overall this is a very solid release. After all this band has gone through, it’s nice to see them still going strong. It’s clear that they love what they do, and that’s what keeps them going. Because man, this band has gone through so much, but here they are about to drop album number 3. An album that, when it’s all said and done, very well could be the album that defines their career. And I for one am okay with that, as this is an outstanding album.

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