cabin boy jumped ship – sentiments

Forces are at work here, love has been broken into small fragments, and hearts belt out for hope. Justice has its limitations. We know that, and the world needs a resurgence, quickly, before we all fall into the wickedness of the darkness. Metal band Cabin Boy Jumped Ship eagerly wants a chance to showcase their talents with progressive messages, statements, and intentions. The band has honed their skills to extreme measure with their LP Sentiments.

Sentiments is an album taking on the beasts, the decay, the broken world. It is also a record progressively delving into new motions and dimensions, and techniques, providing fans a masterclass in song-writing. The band, do not do things by halves, and it appears they’ve worked on marking their territory, saluting the masters, and doing their own thing. Musically, Sentiments is a blistering, pacey, raucous offering, dazzling by the second.

Dramatics aren’t always good, they don’t always fit in, but on this occasion, they work. This band uses dramatics as a friend, and when it all clicks in, it completely makes sense. Every piece of this artful, often staggering, work, means to be listened to, not only by metal core fans, but by people who crave a loud, sophisticated sound.

Lyrically, sentiments, comes in like a poetic swirl. It’s educational, in terms of the written word. Moments of tenderness are hard to come by, but under the harshness, there are words that manage to come to the top. There are 11 songs. War starts off loud, and stays like that, although there are clean vocals and lyrics which describe the collision between love and hate. Cure is piano laden, and the vocals come through, wrapped in progressive lyricism. It is a charm. Smile starts slowly with ambiance and clarity until the raging riff comes in loud and frantic. It is technical and breakneck.

This band knows how to write songs which have that balance between anger and solace. Sentiments offers moments where hope seems to be gone, and then at times, dreams overthrow the misery.  

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