Check Out New Adoremus Track “Fool”

Adoremus has taken many forms and approaches over the years, but “Fool” is easily one of the project’s strongest to date. This time around, the style falls somewhere where between the lighter side of bands like Anberlin or the tamer moment in the My Epic discography – but both the drumming and pseudo-breakdown ending highlight the technical complexities with ease.

Lyrically, it’s a song that wrestles with the foolishness of our plans and expectations when weighed against what God wants. In fact, it’s a reminder we’re not simply wrong or misled – we’re acting in folly. Our best ideas can be like bad jokes where we want God to sell the punchline. All of these sentiments are paired with catchy vocal melodies, and even though the chorus isn’t too wordy, it definitely has the makings of an earworm.

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