Coheed And Cambria – Vaxis II: A Window To A Waking Mind

Progressive rockers Coheed And Cambria evaluate their lives on their album Vaxis II: A Window To A Waking Mind. The New York act, take this massive, conceptual step forward, and the opus they’ve created is colossal in every way, and diverse as they come. Originality is hard to come by these days, but this outfit know to how to strike the right medium, and their sound has evolved here.

The chugging guitars, the rapid percussion, and the lyrics, which openly tell us that love has no space, are all intertwined. Every sinew of energy has been placed here, and the act does not dilute anything as it all comes in pure. Candid assessments and burgeoning stories break into the record like a jewel thief, and every element has its place. The band has been making music since 1995, so they’re seasoned musicians and committed to the cause.

Vaxis II: A Window To A Waking Mind describes the world as a platform of destruction and self-depreciation. Every lyric has its chance, every lyric spells out everything we need to know about this band’s shattered optimism. This album isn’t only a piece of music, it’s a collection of sharp confessions.

The album has 13 songs. “Beautiful Losers” is a thrilling progressive rock song. The chorus is moving and attains all emotions. The thunderous instrumentals increase the musical scope. “Blood” tackles broken desire, and the drumbeats are evident here. The world, again, is documented. The vocals aren’t gracious but filled with intent. “Ladders Of Supremacy” begins slowly and then gathers pace, involving extreme guitar moments. This sounds like an epic score, lasting over 6 minutes.

Coheed And Cambria do not fall into obscurity, and their music has so much clarity. This venture is epic. 

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