Columbus Up-And-Comers Jinx The Fox Release New Music Video For “Epilogue”

Ohio indie-electronic group Jinx the Fox has released their first ever music video for their latest single “Epilogue.” The track is cinematic in scope, which matches the narrative film experience of the video. The band uses simple guitar lines, ambient sounds, and a striding drum beat to carry the listener through the journey. The vocals create an intimacy and warmth that draws the song down out of the atmosphere and into the headphones in a way that makes the listener feel as if they are both soaring amongst the stars and sitting cozy in their own home. The post-hardcore/post-rock direction towards the end provides a dramatic denouement, a fitting conclusion for a song titled “Epilogue.”

“Epilogue” is the band’s sixth single, and as of this writing they have no EP or full-length releases. But if they are able to capture the magic of this track (and their previous efforts) in an album, I believe they could easily make a name for themselves in the world of independent music. Watch the video below and follow Jinx the Fox on socials.

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