Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps

Canadian hardcore punk band Comeback Kid releases their anger on Heavy Steps. Rage is instilled, a burning rage that is channelled through aggressive and powerful songs. The act breaks the shackles and go through the motions, pushing their musical abilities to the limits, and by doing so tell a story of emotional breakdowns. They’ve always been a band that has told everything straight up without pretension, without having to hide behind a barrier. Their work boasts many years too, as they’ve been a collective since 2002.

Heavy Steps carries momentum from the beginning to the end. It’s loud, it’s believable, and it manages to solidify Comeback Kid as a frontrunner in the hardcore punk scene. Yes, they’ve been around for a considerable amount of time, rallying their music, but Heavy Steps seems so daring and original. The hooks are different; the screams are evident, the highly immersive atmosphere powers on like a generator, and it just works.

The record starts with the title track. The guitar trickery deserves to be applauded, and the rough singing needs no introduction. There seems to be a political edge to this record too, with many of the songs pointing to mis-justice. “Face To Face” starts with a powerful riff and raucous vocals, marrying together a distinctive sound. The band sings and plays hard here. “Shadow Of Doubt” beats hard and offers Comeback Kid’s signature sound. It carries a robust chorus. “In-Between” goes along the same way, with sturdy guitar work and formidable vocals. It isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Heavy Steps is heavy, an album that brings Comeback Kid back into the equation. Their work is never done, their sound is never drab, and their hearts are always in it. From the start to the hard-hitting crescendo, the album doesn’t just play out; it gets into the skin.  

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