Controlled Burn by Graduation Speech

It’s the middle of May. For many this can be and is a poignant time of year due to graduation ceremonies marking the completion of one’s high school or college career. It’s fitting that Controlled Burn, the latest release by Graduation Speech (Kevin Day of Aspiga) be released this week. While the specific subject matter may not be exactly on point with your typical graduation speech it is worth noting that this is a remarkable piece of indie art.

Controlled Burn is an ep and clocks in at twelve and a half minutes. It’s mildly short, but it still packs a punch. “Climb” is the opening track and it instantly grips you melodically and Day’s lyricism is on display as he paints a grand theme both lyrically and musically. It’s an uplifting track that states; “You can climb your way out of this. I believe you.” This is a strong reminder that even in our lowest/darkest moments we can climb out of it and press forward. “Patterns,” the ep’s lead single, follows and is a bit more upbeat than “Climb” and relies heavily on it’s acoustic backdrop in all the right ways.

“Whole” is a bit of a melancholy track that is quite simplistic musically, but creates a strong audio aesthetic. It’s simplicity is its strength, but its length is a bit of a downfall. “Collar Bone” follows and is another strong track reliant on its acoustic backbone. Everything comes to a close on “Destined,” which is the final track and latest single. “Destined” is arguably the best track on the ep as it has the most “meat” to it lyrically.

As a whole the ep is a solid release. It’s the perfect type of album for late night drives, but its short runtime prevents it from being a very long drive.

Controlled Burn is available now on all major streaming platforms or you can order a CD via Jetsam Flotsam.

You can follow Graduation Speech via Instagram or Kevin’s other band, Aspiga, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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