Courtney From Work – Good Luck Out There/Field of Ashes

The description I was given when I first stumbled on Courtney From Work’s music was the moniker backyard BBQ rock music. Something I’ve learned about Columbus bands during my research is that they sure have a thing for coming up with obscure and unique genre descriptions on their own. The balmy, summery tones paired with contemplative lyrics and tongue-in-cheek one-liners really does give the idea of sights you’d see and sounds you’d hear whilst at a barbecue with your best pals.

Just over a year after the release of its album Yarb Hundy, Courtney From Work is back with a pair of singles that will most certainly get you through the final leg of summer. “Good Luck Out There” and “Field of Ashes” both are tracks that know when to simp and when to party. Both also weave the two together in an elegant, high-octane musical dance.

On the first track “Good Luck Out There,” you can tell right away that this tune definitely aligns with our current season. A warm, soaring guitar slips into a steady rhythm, sounding like an end-of-the-summer anthem. This particular season is a time when romantic conquest is a high priority. Who doesn’t want a summer romance? Longing for and chasing love are amorous actions that often come to mind when listening to Courtney from Work’s music. Hardcore passion is packed into the lyrics. This is true in lines like, “So even if/I begin to crack/I’d break my fuckin’ back/To see you smile.” 

“Good Luck Out There” pairs quite nicely with “Field of Ashes,” the second single. It breaks down a bit harder during the hook, which seems totally called for. Who wouldn’t want to bash away with the Courtney From Work crew when catchy words like, “We share the same fear, alone we’re standing here/Just trying to fulfill the purpose,” find their way into your head? With an appealing, plucky opening riff and the consistently powerful drumming, Courtney From Work is certainly letting us know that they’re back in action with both of these tracks.

Overall, these tracks are a great sample of what’s to come from Courtney From Work post its Yard Hundy era. One of the main themes that I’ve taken away from the band over the past few years is that it takes heartbreak – or any disappointment in life for that matter – in stride. It always feels like a pick-me-up when listening to Courtney From Work. “Good Luck Out There” and Field of Ashes” are no different.

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