Craig’s Brother – Easily Won, Rarely Deserved

Connecting the dots musically since 1995, Santa Cruz band Craig’s Brother, has embarked on creating memories good and bad. The band is acclaimed for their fast-paced songs, too, that intelligently describe political strife and inner turmoil. Lyrically, the act doesn’t do things half-measured, as they’re straight to the point, letting their thoughts battle through the hysteria.

Easily Won, Rarely Deserved is a collection of songs brimming in attitude and packed full of noteworthy riffs, and the band hasn’t just replicated past records, but has created an original concept and sound. It’s fast, it’s unapologetic, but it’s weirdly desirable, generating a sonic output for the punks and outcasts.

Fast punk like this thrills too, and it isn’t immaculate or sugar-coated to fit a certain market. Deep thought has gone into this album, and the act that has made this, know they’re seasoned but also able musicians. Since the early 90s, Craig’s Brother has been pushing their style and commentary, giving their thoughts on the world and highlighting the chaos.

There’s 13 songs here. Violent Faith is a brazen start, and it’s a thrilling punk showpiece. Utterly compelling and loud, the song ferociously describes the violence that rifle through the planet. Superhero is another stab at punk, and the volatile guitars add ferocity, and there’s melody to this. The Sacrifice opens with cheers from a crowd, and then the vocals come in frantically, offering loud moments. Those riffs are electrifying. Earning The Hate is an intelligent track, with burgeoning instrumentals, and a story conveying a broken existence.

Craig’s Brother is a legendary punk band that has kept their music fresh and daring, while also showcasing their beliefs.      

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