Cursed Mashups We Secretly Want to Hear

Dr. Frankenstein has often been thought of as the real monster of his tale due to his attempts at resurrecting the dead by binding together disparate parts. Even so, his creation has become a worldwide phenomenon so maybe throwing some electricity behind things that shouldn’t go together isn’t always a bad idea. We think that goes for music, too. Here are some cursed mashups we’d like to hear, but don’t judge us, we promise we’re “just curious”. Let’s see if William Maranci, Pluffaduff, White Panda, Tanda, or Psynwav is up to the challenge of bringing these to life.

Flo Rida Georgia Line

Let’s face it – this combo is meant to happen. Flo Rida is in fact from Florida, and country-rap has been a booming combo for years. This is synergy at its finest, proving the whole is greater than its parts. And it’ll certainly be a gateway crossover for many listeners.

Anna Kendrick Lamar

Anna Kendrick might be known among a circle of moviegoers, but she still has lots of potential to breakthrough. We think that Kendrick Lamar would be the perfect missing ingredient to take her songs to the next level and get her in front of a more sophisticated audience of sorts.

Alison Chains

What do bluegrass and grunge have in common? They’re beloved by aging generations and involve roosters. Let’s bring the hippies and punks together with the anthem our divided world truly needs right now.

Touché Paramoré

What do you get when you mix two bands with histories of genre-flipping? Who really knows? But if Julien Baker could pull off a collab without issue, we’re sure Hayley Williams would fit right in.

Weird Albert React

Punk takes itself too seriously. Sure, there’s mallcore and easycore but these deviate too far for the pundits to claim they’re included in hardcore progeny. This combo would keep that classic punk sound intact, while showing that just because you kick walls for fun doesn’t mean you aren’t culturally-savvy of have a sense of humor.

Theory of a Deadmaus

Two bands you never wanted to listen to, all on one track. What could go wrong?

Norma Jean Sibelius

You can’t help but wonder what metal mainstays Norma Jean might sound like on piano. And since the band has a history of subverting the modal tendencies and time signatures of our era already, this mashup would unearth the band’s full creative potential.

Casting Clown Posse

Christian pop fans aren’t that different than Juggalos – they share a common set of moral standards, they wear similar outfits, they have odd festivals, and they adore music most people can’t stand. If you don’t really care if they label you a Jesus Freak, adding rapping clowns into praise songs shouldn’t be a big concern.

Dragonforce Five

Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks. You could collide these two artist in any number of ways and there’d be no shame in sight. Sometimes it’s better just to embrace your quirkiness.

Odd Future Islands

Odd Future has synths and Future Islands has disgruntled vocals. This combination was practically meant to happen, but haters will say it’s fake.

U2 Chainz

This mashup will have you thinking twice about if you really want to walk down unnamed streets. However, some will definitely label this combo as a different kind of vibe. However, there’s a risk you might also feel stuck in a moment you can’t get out of once you hit play.

Red Hot Chili Peppa Pig

California is a cool place, but it has way too many homeless people, drug issues, Hollywood scandals, and cults for it to ever be a nice place for kids. The solution? We cartoonize the entire thing. Bonus points: you’ll be able to understand the lyrics.

Animal Collective Soul

We’re still not sure how four walls and adobe slats don’t count as material things but social status does. What we DO know is that Animal Collective and Collective Soul both have singular tracks that propelled their careers, and who doesn’t want to hear some smoky 90s vocals over electronic loops?

Incubusta Rhymes

Pardon me while I break ya neck. Enough said.

Maroon Five Finger Death Punch

Both acts have overstayed their welcome, pandered to audiences, and haven’t been “in” since the 00s. Sure, this combo might basically be A Day to Remember in disguise but we know Songs About Jane could use some breakdowns.

Classic Crime in Stereo

Okay, hear us out. This might not be as jarring as some of the other combos on this list, but does that mean it’s any less worthy of our affection?

Sugar Ray Vaughan

This mashup is just waiting to fly with its little wing. Even though there’s plenty of trouble like flooding in Texas, this mashup could be just what the world needs.

HORSE the Band of Horses

Opposites attract, so what could go better together than a band with a mustached frontman and one without? We’re drooling in anticipation of seeing crisp, clean vocals labeled over OG Nintendocore riffage.

P!nk Floyd

Whether it’s songs about how it’s “you and your hand tonight” or albums that curiously sync with The Wizard of Oz, both artists in this mashup pair share an affinity for wankery. You’ll raise a glass to this mashup that’s wrong in all the right ways.

Cool Hand Luke Bryan

This is the musical equivalent of balance in the force – a beloved, Christian emo/alternative band collides with vapid bro country. Essence and vanity. Honesty and duplicity. This mashup explores the whole gamut of the human experience. We NEED it.

Eric Chvrches

Country has been trending in the commercial direction for a while now, so it’s hard to imagine this combo wouldn’t simply expedite this natural progression. And the duet potential here is chef’s kiss emoji.

Newsboys II Men

If we asked you which of these artists wrote “On Bended Knee”, you might need a moment to think. Thankfully, much of the music from the faith-based community is vaguely-positive and can easily be reframed to be about a love interest. Someone please make this happen.

Florence Against the Machine

We’ve always felt there weren’t enough women in the world of metal. Florence Welch has already been inspiring girls to start writing their own songs, but a Poppy-style crossover into the world of political rap-rock would inspire a completely different subset of songwriters and we’re here for it.

Billie Rae Cyrus

The achiest, breakiest heart of all as presented by Billie Eilish, Carly Rae Jepson, and the legend himself. Kasey Musgraves and Taylor Swift have both shown that pop-slanted country has a huge market, and this is just the sort of opportunity for younger folks to experience some tradition.

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