Don’t ignore: Gumroad

By Ryan G

No, Gumroad is not a band.  They are an online start-up, and they just garnered $7 million in capital (Series A) from venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers.  They could change they way people buy music (or stuff over the internet in general).  Their founder has experience working for Pinterest.  Oh, and did I mention he’s only 19 and the entire company operates out of a house, only 3 employees strong?

Internet startups are everywhere, this is undeniable.  A strong argument could be made for an oversaturated market.  Consider the Gumroad concept, as outlined in their below promo video:


So, in short, Gumroad creates easily sharable links that condense the selling process into one small package that involves minimal effort from the seller and buyer.  Of course, a small commission from each sale (25 cents) goes to Gumroad and there are obvious comparisons to the already-existing PayPal.  But, half the battle in creating online content is making it user friendly and fun to use.  Gumroad may have done both.  Think about it: Gone are the days where an online store is required.  A band could simply share a tweet or status – “Buy our debut single – click here: [Gumroad URL]!”

Not bad for a company that’s only been around a year.

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