Dylan Dunn Releases New Single “SeaSick On The Ground”

Dylan Dunn is a name that most have probably not heard…..yet. However, with the release of his latest single, “SeaSick On The Ground,” his name is sure to become more common in various circles.

“SeaSick On The Ground” is a solid indie track that uses all of it’s layered elements to it’s advantage. The instrumentation is mildly simplistic, but paired with the production quality it creates a lush and solid ambiance. The lyrical content doesn’t hit much new territory, but played against the backdrop of the music it creates a balanced thought provoking track that expands with each subsequent listen.

Stylistically, Dylan creates a solid vibe that draws influences from a vast array of artists that have impacted him going back to his youth and his mother introducing him to The Beatles, Queen and Electric Light Orchestra.

Dylan may be an acquired taste, but if you like what you hear with “SeaSick On The Ground” you can check out Dylan’s 2019 EP, Blue Like You (shaped by producer Adam Castilla (The Colourist) who has helped develop Dylan over the past few years) and be on the look out for a new EP or album soon.

Dylan Dunn – “SeaSick On The Ground” Official Music Video

You can follow Dylan Dunn on social media via Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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