Easy Tiger – Just In Time

Back with more drowning, psychedelic synth mayhem, Columbus electronic-rock band Easy Tiger returns with its latest single, “Just In Time.” The July 1 release comes off of a stream of singles that has steadily shown over the past couple of years that Easy Tiger is making themselves known around town. And doing so with optimistic, bombastic blasts of synths and a mesmerizing lights show. Easy Tiger is starting to totally encapsulate the live experience of their music on record, and if you haven’t caught the group live, maybe this single will get you out to a show.

In December, Easy Tiger came heavy with the electronic rock on the single “Rag and Bottle.” “Feel It,” a song that was released later on in May, then takes you down a more serene, calm journey. While there are still dancey synths and classic guitar breakdowns on both of these tracks, the singles before “Just In Time” feel like outliers; almost like a musical Venn diagram for “Just In Time,” which tows the line between dreamy dance track and heady rock banger. 

“Just In Time” begins with a rousing, lustrous synth that sounds like you’re being beamed up into a holy rave. The music will put you in a much more upbeat headspace to dance through the atmospheric lights Easy Tiger paints with its music. It’s a tad more active and involved than the past few singles, with a piano riff that can guide you to an existential plane of bliss. One of the major themes that we’re hearing on “Just In Time” and the couple of releases preceding it is that Easy Tiger is really honing in on its abilities to craft an irresistible synth breakdown.

Guitarist, vocalist, and synth player Jonathan Hayes is a musician who is here to lead you on a mission – with both their words and music. With lyrical gems sprinkled throughout, one that stands out and aligns with the introspective themes of the past few releases goes, “Another lyric erased/The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Why do things change? And when they do, what are the results? Easy Tiger wants you to ask yourself these questions, but to also savor the good times.

With each step along its musical journey, Easy Tiger is taking the necessary steps to perfect its blend of dance, electronic, and rock-n-roll music. The textural mission of the band has been clear since day one, but what we’re hearing on “Just In Time” is the intrinsic route the band is taking to bring all of the components of Easy Tiger into one fluid ensemble. 2022 looks to be a big year for the band. If Easy Tiger keeps on the trajectory of its formula for dance music, you’ll be hearing a lot more of this band.

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