Everything Was Better In 2005 by Fashion Week

Commonly when you hear the term “Fashion Week” you quickly associate to an industry of people walking the catwalk in ridiculously looking outfits that no one in their right mind would wear in a normal every day setting. That or you instantly start quoting Zoolander in your head. Either way, this is not the that kind of Fashion Week.

Fashion Week is a 5 piece alt rock outfit based out of Columbus, Ohio that recently released their latest EP, Everything Was Better In 2005 (July 22). EWBI2005 is the culmination of the past year where the band has released 3 singles since June of 2021 and showcases a solid blend of alt/post rock with some additional varied elements sprinkled within for good measure.

Things open with “Sentimental” which is upbeat track containing some similarities to Jimmy Eat World and/or early Weezer musically. Lyrically, it is a bit quirky, but in all the right ways and is where the album draws it’s title from. It is followed by “WIYR” which keeps the momentum going while being vastly different from the preceding track.

“Deja Vu” and “White Palominos” fill out the middle section of the ep and keep the alt/post rock aesthetic strong while changing things up slightly and demonstrates some more technical sounding guitar parts that seem to take more of a front seat.

“How Does It Feel” ushers in the final third of the album and is probably the strongest track on the album. It’s more a slower tempo than the rest of the album leading up to it and has very solid Radiohead like sound to it (think “Karma Police”) that really makes it stand out. “Honey” closes out the album and sounds like it could easily fit in the 90s with some solid shoegaze type elements scattered in.

Everything Was Better In 2005 is a short but sweet album that seems very self aware and presents itself as a solid piece of work from start to finish. EWBI2005 is available for streaming on major streaming platforms and you can catch Fashion Week next month playing Steadfast Festival.

Fashion Week – “Honey” Official Music Video

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