Eve’s Curse Live at The Music Maker’s Stage (11/26)

It’s a bearably cold Saturday night. I made quite the trek out to east Nashville via the shitty Nashville bus system to see one of my favorite local bands play at the music makers stage. This was a sold out show, I was so proud, seeing as I practically grew up with the band members. The whole environment of this show is like a warm hug. The audience is filled with family, friends and loved ones. There were about fifty people in the room, fixated and perfectly silent for the bands.

The opener tonight is MCKAY, a four piece band featuring the lead singer Hudson Haining on acoustic guitar complete with his own harmonica. Zach Shirley was on background vocals and electric bass, James Eichman was on banjo interestingly enough, and Peter played as a laid back drum player. Their three part harmonies paired with banjo was completed with the addition of harmonica. It was the warm and fuzzy kind of folk music that would be paired perfectly with a warm cup of cider and a bonfire.

Robin August is one of three members of Eve’s Curse. Contrary to Robin August’s booming voice you get to see another side of her in this mystical indie folk band. She paired up with her two childhood best friends for this project: Nora Masters and Nadia Reist. They’ve all been close for so long, it is so easy to see their love and chemistry on stage. In between their songs they tell stories about the songs and when and why they wrote them together.

You could say that Robin August is the lead singer because she focuses on embellishing the songs with powerful runs. But all the members take equal part in creating and writing songs that sound derived from folklore. Nora and Nadia write and create elegant three part harmonies. The acoustics in the room were mixed so perfectly, they sounded even more angelic then they normally do. 

I think their two hour practice right beforehand had something to do with how smooth their vocals were. The three girls all attend different colleges for music or creative writing, they came together on the week of thanksgiving break to put together an intimate, emotional and warm performance.

There was a lot of love and warmth in the room that night. If you ever get a chance to see Eve’s Curse live, I hope you get to see them in a venue such as The Music Makers Stage.

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