Festival Preview: Madden Road to bring a down to earth day of tunes and more

By Ryan G

Do you ever read the news wish things were simpler? Or perhaps think the same after suffering from meme and clickbait fatigue?

Madden Road Micro Music Festival might be able to take care of that. Their theme this year is simple and to the point – “a day off from life.”

Just ask Daniel Dye, a musician with humble roots and a tight knit family that, while bound by blood, extends beyond the reach of genetics into the love of music. Music without the frills. Songwriting at its purest. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knows the Dye family – singing is a staple at most gatherings and events. Madden Road exists as “an extension of that mentality,” Dye explains.

The fest began in 2009, but quickly outgrew the 100 person space located above the family antique store, run by Daniel’s mother. The festival migrated to the family farm, settling into it’s current layout in 2015. Everything about the event is DIY and organic. The main stage was even built by hand with wood sourced from the farm. How often do you see a marquee act at a festival check in on social media at the festival site in the weeks leading up to the event, documenting the preparation?

Tuned Up has a good reason to be interested in this fest. Two acts that perhaps have the most longevity with our brand, are on the roster this year. Out of the Pine is one of them, a folk outfit whose core is formed by Sean Parker and cellist Chris Brooks, whom played the first ever Tuned Up event under their previous moniker Far Away Strays. The other band is the Castros, who almost need no introduction around here. Just know you’ll get a big dose of the warm and fuzzies from them as you listen to them sing about Pumpkin Pie and watch the antics of a certain Marco fellow.

You’ll be hard pressed to find music you don’t like, as the event is carefully curated. Things tend to stay within the realm of folk, though bursts of energy tend to make their way onto the lineup. This year, expect Whirlybirds to satiate that craving.

In future years, don’t expect the festival to become the next Eaux Claires, but don’t rule out the addition of some national acts. “We love the intimate feel and we hope this doesn’t change,” Daniel Dye explains. What you can expect each year are some fond memories made. One standout to Dye involves a series of rainstorms that occurred in 2016. Dye elaborates, “we kept singing all along, and during one of the downpours, my set was moved to one of the tents and everyone gathered close and we sang together at the top of our lungs with no amplification. It was a beautiful moment.”

In addition to live music experience traditions like hiking, a mural that anyone can add to, straw bales, and the accessibility of the music. Plenty of food will be on hand, including a stand with Madden farm grown produce (of course) and expect an evening campfire to close things out. Sounds like a good time to me!

Tickets and more info on the event are available here. Music kicks off at 2pm and will wrap up 11pm, this Saturday August 11th! Make the drive out to Cable, Ohio! The full lineup can be seen below:



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