Festival Preview: Tuned Up Sponsored Acts at Audiofeed 2022

By Ryan G

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know our love for Audiofeed, a type of festival in Urbana, IL you’re unlikely to find anywhere else on the planet. An event for the Christian and formerly Christian misfits and then some. But really for everyone. BUY TICKETS HERE.

This year, Tuned Up was brought on as an official sponsor, and part of that included helping to book the lineup. We have 7 artists that will be appearing. Without further ado, here they are and what you can expect from each:

Jay Joseph: The alt-pop artist at times sounds like a dead ringer for his famous brother, but is quickly becoming an accomplished musician in his own right. Last year, he dropped his debut EP Drywall (see our review here), of which a single, “Gundabad,” has racked up over 1.5 million streams to date. Jay is here to get the crowd pumped up with high energy bops that are at times mischievously dark. My personal favorite is “Maybe.” His debut LP Imaginary Friends is out now. Catch Jay on the Black Sheep Stage, Friday July 1st at 6:35PM.

All Hallowed: This dance punk act is unassuming, but quickly proves they mean business. Just try to get “Kill” out of your head. I dare you. And any band that can compel Aaron Gillespie to drum on their debut release is worth a listen, in our opinion. The band has two releases out now via Friend Club Records. Catch them on the Black Sheep Stage on Saturday, July 2nd at 12:50pm.

SPACESHIPS: Speaking of Friend Club Records, this dreamgaze act is set to melt faces even more than the midday heat might – so bring your water and ear protection. Or just come and vibe out. You’ll be appreciated either way. Plus, frontman Nat Fitzgerald writes for Tuned Up, so you’re morally obligated to go (j/k). Catch them on the Black Sheep Stage at 3:20PM on July 2nd.

Photo credit: @johnr.photo

Pray For Sleep: This Columbus, OH group outputs a sound that is a happy medium between gnarly metalcore and fist-pumping radio ready rock and roll. “Scream Back” is a fan favorite and an enjoyable song to Yours Truly as well. These guys are also as humble and chill as can be. Catch them on the Black Sheep Stage on Sunday July 3rd at 2:15PM.

ADJY: This band is hard to classify genre-wise. But we did publish a review that was more of a dissertation on their album The Idyll Opus (I-VI). If you want to be taken on a true sonic journey of epic proportions, don’t miss ADJY’s early set on the Black Sheep Stage, Sunday July 3rd at 1:20PM.

Benjamin Daniel: This southern California based artist released an album, Shelterheart, that was named the best album of 2021 by the staff at JesusFreakHideout.com. We published a review as well. This is reverent atmospheric folk at its best and most honest. Catch Benjamin Daniel in Radon Lounge late Saturday night, following Pedro the Lion and Rosie Thomas, at 11:15PM.

Photo credit: Jake Murnane

Idle Threat: One of the most critically acclaimed releases on Tooth and Nail Records is Idle Threat’s Blurred Visions, and with good reason. The act brings a fresh take on a classic post-hardcore sound that Christcore kids (young and old) everywhere will appreciate. The band will also be appearing at Furnace Fest this September. Catch them July 1st on the Black Sheep Stage.

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