Fever Fever – Aftermath

Columbus-based ambient alt.-rockers Fever Fever have been making music for nine years now, but only recently have they begun to receive some of the attention that they’ve very much earned. With their brand new full-length album Aftermath, which released last month on Slospeak Records, the indie quartet have proved that they are one of the most talented groups in the scene.

The record opens with the title track, a chilling song with a lush soundscape. The vocal harmonies in the chorus really push “Aftermath” over the top, and make it a phenomenal way to start the album. “Blue” comes next, and continues the general mood from the previous track. Although this song doesn’t pack quite the punch as its predecessor, “Blue” is still indie rock at its finest, with a soaring chorus and solid instrumental backing. “Hypnotized” follows, and right away proves why it was chosen as the album’s lead single. The catchy “woah oh’s” and hand-clapping complement the brightly-instrumented, quasi-love song. “Sea Meets Earth” keeps this theme going, and builds up, all the way through dissonant guitars, until it fades out. “Windward” is a soothing interlude just shy of two minutes that fits quite well in the context of the album. It’s followed up by “Fingertips”, another up-beat tune where the auxiliary instruments are relatively prominent and not just an afterthought, like most artists would make them to be.

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“Hope Is a Child’s Toy” begins with a warbled, almost dub-like intro, which remains a part of the musical background after the main beat kicks in, but the strings near the end of the song are really what add to this one. “Beautiful Dream” strikes a nice balance between subtlety and power, thanks mainly to the fast tempo and soaring guitars. The alternating time signature bodes well on “Madness”, helping it stand out from many of the earlier tracks on the record. “Line in the Sand” follows this with more subtle orchestration, before the ethereal second interlude, “Inceptiones Novae”, lays the foundation for the album closer. Featuring an infectious drum groove and feel good vibes, “Collapse” ends Aftermath on a high note.

The latest effort from these Columbus natives is a fantastic release that will intrigue self-proclaimed indie rockers everywhere. Among the standouts of Aftermath are the title track, “Hypnotized”, “Hope Is a Child’s Toy”, and “Madness”. Although the remainder of the album isn’t nearly at the caliber of these four highlights, it certainly isn’t anything to sneeze at either. Give Aftermath a shot, and prepare to be taken off your feet by an eclectic yet accessible sound sure to impress.

Score: 4/5

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