Five Albums with Cobra: Trek Manifest

By Ryan G

I’m excited that this is my First Five albums with Cobra since I returned to Tuned Up a few
months ago. I came to know of Trek Manifest awhile back when I went to see a friend play. I
was not ready for what was to come. Trek Manifest is an entertainer, a darn good one. His
energy is unmatched and needs to be seen. His passion is beautiful and needs to be shared. If you
have not seen him live and you are local to the Columbus area, I highly recommend catching one
of his sets. So enough from me; here is Five Albums with Cobra.

Trek Manifest presents 5 Albums I’m shopping to (cause the AirPods come in handy when you
don’t feel like being a chatty Patty)

Pusha T- It’s Almost Dry
Easily on my favorite albums of 2022. Who wouldn’t wanna be window shopping while hearing
luxury drug dealing raps?

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.
This album was highly influential in so much of what I’ve created the last few years. I also get a
kick out of walking through target with DNA going crazy while I walk in the perfect cadence
with my shopping cart.

Future – DS2
True story…shopping at Aldi’s & the noise cancellation on my AirPods was on. Thought I was
silently reciting the verses of “Thought it was a drought”. Nope, loud as ever in the frozen
section. Hilarious but an incredible album from an incredible artist.

Wale – More About Nothing
My top 5 favorite rappers of all time. Favorite works of art from him. I love sneakers…why not
have him playing while I venture off to buy shoes my wife will get aggy at me about? “You have
plenty of shoes” is always her go to.

Freddie Gibbs – Soul Sold Separately
No skips. All raps. Great album to play while heading to the store with my sons as I’m only
grabbing one thing & they’re wanting EVERYTHING in the store.


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