Founder’s Retrospective – Top 20 Songs – Thrice

By Ryan G

Inspired by a follower of ours, @ineverglow, on Twitter, thought it would be fun to dive into a retrospective series. This seems especially appropriate in Tuned Up’s 10th year. Thrice isn’t a top 10 band for me, but when they hit for me, they really hit. And, my appreciation of them has certainly evolved as my tastes have evolved as I ran Tuned Up. And—before anyone yells at me—I’m just not that enamored with “Deadbolt.” Sorry, not sorry. The band is in the studio working on their new album now.

So, without further ado: The Tuned Up Head Honcho’s Top 20 Thrice songs.

20. “Only Us” – I mean, its got synth and was released during the peak of Stranger Things hype. Opportunistic? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

19. “The Window” – One of the better deep cuts off To Be Everywhere is To Be Nowhere. Thoughtful and pensive midtempo banger.

18. “Anthology” – I used to view this as a sort of farewell song for Thrice. Now I just think it’s epic.

17. “Call It In The Air” – As the title would imply, this song has a bit of a spaced-out vibe.

16. “The Great Exchange” – When I listen to this song, I think of a time I rolled up on a little music festival, in a town located just north of Pittsburgh. Quiet anticipation bathed in melancholy.

15. “Promises” – My second favorite radio single that Thrice has put out since 2010.

14. “All the World Is Mad” – A pleasantly satisfying album opener.

13. “The Earth Will Shake” – Two words: Floor. Toms.

12. “The Artist in the Ambulance” – This is an essential emo song for the angsty mainstream emo fans—not so much the indie Midwest emo fans. And I like that.

11. “The Melting Point of Wax” – My favorite deep cut off The Artist in the Ambulance. Normally, I shy away from emotional songs like this, but this kept me coming back for more.

10. “Come All You Weary” – This is quietly reassuring and I wish I listened to this track more often.

9. “Blinded” – This is an underappreciated deep cut off Major / Minor that stood out as part of my entry into the music blogging era of my life, when all parts of that culture were new.

8. “Circles” – One of my favorite melancholy outros out there belongs to this track.

7. “Stare At the Sun” – This was the song that got me hooked on Thrice. Thank you, sophomore year of college, for pushing me in this direction of what I had been missing.

6. “Black Honey” – Now, this is my favorite Thrice single released since 2010. Standing next to my pastor at the Newport hearing him sing back this song is an amusing memory.

5. “In Exile” – My friend Marco Castro sent this to me when my grandma passed away. It’s sad and hopeful. Appropriate for times like that and for when I need to look at the bigger reality of things.

4. “Digital Sea” – This was on my personal soundtrack autumn of my senior year of college. It had a fitting tone for both the time of year and some mental health struggles I was just beginning to unpack.

3. “Hold Fast Hope” – The vocals here are mighty and passionate and beg participation. There’s a sense of grit here not found in very many songs I listen to.

2. “Image of the Invisible” – This is a classic for a reason. Anthemic, loud and bright.

1. “Of Dust and Nations” – I first heard about this track via a cover from my friends The Castros, but I didn’t truly appreciate it until I heard it live at the Newport Music Hall a few years ago. There’s a guitar motif on repeat that I can only describe as iconic. It has all the elements of quintessential Thrice I love.

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