From Indian Lakes – Absent Sounds

By Ryan G

I’ve been thinking about gut feelings a lot lately and the role they play in my listening habits. They certainly played a role in my becoming a fan of From Indian Lakes, proclaimed in another write-up as an indie/post rock band claiming a remote spot near Yosemite National Park as their hometown. This band was a grower for me – it took me practically til the release of “Ghost” for them to really click with me, but I am glad I stuck it out.

Indie/post rock is an interesting pairing that brands the band as being unique without really saying a lot about their sound. Ok… so one of the thousands of thousands of bands identifying with a non-mainstream vibe whilst carrying a heavy emphasis on instrumentation – alrighty them! We get the drawn out instrumentals of Come Wind paired with strong vocals that at times remind me of Sameer Gadha (Young the Giant), Ben Gibbard, and Aaron Sprinkle (Fair, Poor Old Lu).

The mood is at once driving and therapeutic. Grooving is allowable, but not without heavy introspection on the part of the listener. As I hinted earlier in the review, “Ghost” is by far the most catchy tune on the record – the band’s Triple Crown Records debut (a label with a very strong roster, in this writer’s opinion). “Breathe, Desperately” finds the listener bobbing his or her head to a track whose title accurately describes how I imagine the band’s ethos to be surrounding Absent Sounds. Thematically I get a sense of the band frantically trying to find inner peace, yet carrying an undertone of hope that extends throughout the duration of the album. This is exemplified in how the lyrics are juxtaposed with soft, steady singing.

From Indian Lakes is a prime example of a “Recommended If You Like” discovery in a music-themed social medium paying off.

Question things. Allow yourself to get uncomfortable. But things will be all right. I have not read the lyrics to all of the songs, but given what I know about the album and the mood of the music, this is journey Absent Sounds takes me on.


Score: 4.2/5

From Indian Lakes is on iTunes. Like their Facebook page too!

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