Fugazi to Headline Dischord Records Cruise

Good news for punk fans: Fugazi is back! Ever since they went on hiatus in 2003, throngs of fans have thought they had lost out on ever seeing the influential post-hardcore quartet back together. And with enough reunion tours to book several nostalgia-based festivals, it seemed like they might be the only holdout. But even the staunchly DIY punk godfathers can’t stay gone forever!

If you think this means they’re going back to all-ages venues and $5 tickets though, think again! There’s only one place you can see Fugazi, who are rumored to have turned down multiple million-dollar record deals for ethical reasons: the high seas!

That’s right, like Kiss, Weezer, and DC Talk before them, Fugazi is headlining the very first Dischord Records cruise aboard the vessel, the USS Fugasea! Fugazi will be joined by Q and Not U, Lungfish, and Dag Nasty on the five-day tour through the Caribbean. There are also rumors of surprise sets from Rites of Spring and Minor Threat! Jawbox will be performing in hologram.

For most people, cruises are best enjoyed with as much food and alcohol as one can consume. Some might wonder how this would affect the Dischord cruise, given that Ian MacKaye, lead singer of Fugazi and co-founder of the staunchly DIY label Dischord Records, is largely credited with being the founder of the Straight Edge movement. However, the platinum tier ticket—available for $1200 each—includes unlimited refills at the ship bar! The ship is also 420 friendly!

The cruise industry has drawn no share of criticism, with massive fuel-inefficient vessels being crewed largely by workers based in countries without strong labor laws. This cruise has raised some eyebrows from fans of the band, many of whom admire their ethical stances as much as their music. When questioned, Ian MacKaye put on a pair of sunglasses and replied simply, “dolla dolla billz, y’all.”

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