Gregor Barnett – Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave

A fine singer/guitarist for The Menzingers, Gregor Barnett goes solo here with a damning reflection on life, a portrayal of self-deprecation and debilitating mental health issues. A man to wear his heart on his sleeve, the songwriter manages to utilize the style of his band and use other graces. Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave, is the LP that Barnett wrote under the caution of the pandemic, and what he has written is in-depth and solemn.

We all know that Barnett is an astute songwriter, penning some of the most unglamorous but resonating songs ever composed. He’s a wordsmith on the warpath too, committing his all to the written word and the riffs which majestically rise to the occasion. Bursting for release and searching for solace in darkened rooms keeps him going slowly and surely.

Punk has been instilled into the songs even on a stripped back scale. Barnett knows punk inside out, as he has spearheaded it for so long, battering through turmoil and hard truths, drinking to excess just to find some sort of light amidst the stacked up bottles. The Menzingers are a band that has written about these subjects since day one too, and Barnett is carrying them on with his solo album.

Not truly different, these songs pick at the scabs of Barnett’s youth and desires. Driving Through The Night echoes The Menzingers’ charm, and Barnett sings about UFO’s and the government. It’s intelligent and rightfully relevant. The riffs pulsate and carry the song. No Peace Of Mind To Rest solemnly pushes the melody. Barnett sings with gratitude for life, but is under the influence. Again, its shrewd song writing. Anthem For The One I Love seems to pick itself up off the floor and it seems a happier track. That organised riff and subtle percussion add stability.

Gregor Barnett is a talent. We knew that anyway, but with this LP, he elevates his abilities. It’s not a grandiose record, it’s a statement of painful memories.   

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