Highlights from April [single reviews]

Superlaser – “LA CAÍDA”: The trajectory of Superlaser just continues to move the Alicante natives further and further forward, and their newest single “LA CAÍDA” (or “the fall” in English) is no exception. The thumping trap rock banger is probably their most electronics-heavy track yet, while still somehow retaining that guitar focus. The quintet’s second single in as many months, I’m hoping it means we’re that much closer to finally receiving an album from a band who’s been on my radar ever since I heard their debut single “Interestelar” at the tail end of 2019.

Making Movies – “Sala De Los Pecadores”: The second single from their forthcoming LP xopa, “Sala De Los Pecadores” picks up right where the Afro-Latino alt. rockers left off. While the record’s first taste “Calor” was fantastic in its own right, the entrancing groove of “Sala De Los Pecadores,” along with bassist Diego Chi’s signature falsetto, makes it next level even for a band like Making Movies, a group who’s consistently found themselves among my favorites since first discovering their music nearly five years ago.  

Adam Saxe – “Nightmares”: Speaking of albums, singer-songwriter Adam Saxe has already teased “Nightmares” as his first “album single,” implying that a project is on the way. The infectious indie pop jam boasts this stellar synth line and these funky talkbox vocal effects courtesy of featured artist Swatkins. The song’s overall vibe feels like a slight nod to the R&B of the late 2000s and early 2010s, all while simultaneously looking forward with this sort of “future soul” focus.

Eron Otcasek – “Fall Away”: Recently I connected with Eron Otcasek on Instagram completely by chance, shortly after seeing his fellow Brooklyn-based contemporary and collaborator Tim Lappin (aka Casual Male) open up for Gang of Youths. Until now, Otcasek had spent his entire life avoiding music, but you wouldn’t know that from hearing his debut single. “Fall Away” is this brooding, mid-tempo rocker which somehow encapsulates both the synth-heavy new wave of the ‘80s and the guitar-centric grunge of the ‘90s. It’s the exciting first glance into his inaugural effort TAKE BACKS coming soon.

Nolo Grace – “Winter Blue”: Another artist I discovered from Instagram, I stumbled across Nolo Grace thanks to a random pitch of her new single “Winter Blue.” The terms “dreamy” and “hypnotic” immediately come to mind, and not just because they were used in the song’s press release. The tight drumwork and echoing vocal effects throughout make the L.A.-based artist and producer sound almost as if she’s singing underwater. It all parallels her poignant lyrics rather nicely, with lines like “it’s been a long year standing in the same place as yesterday.”

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