Hoosier Monthly Digest: March 2022 Edition

Hoosier Monthly Digest is a recurring piece I started four years ago with the intention of it being a monthly column, and for a while, that’s what it was. Then, life happened, I had a bit of an on-again, off-again type of relationship with writing, and before I knew it, it had been another year without any of these features. So I decided that this time around I’m not going to make any promises I can’t keep. All I will say is that I have some stellar Hoosier highlights for you this month, a few of which you may have missed when they first released in January or February. Shoot, I missed two of them myself initially.

JAC – “Love in the Wild”: JAC has finally returned with his first new music in nearly two years, and the result is this bouncy yet sensual ode to “Love in the Wild.” Sleek, ethereal synths are layered underneath a thumping bassline and JAC’s smooth yet powerful croons, but the sexiness really shines through on the sensational saxophone solo near song’s end. Regardless of how you feel about “Love in the Wild” to begin with, by the end you will definitely not be saying “let’s just be friends.”

The Wldlfe – “Psycho (When I Wake Up)”: The newest single from pop trio The Wldlfe is a driving, mid-tempo banger that sees the Indianapolis natives leaning further into their rock sensibility akin to fellow indie contemporaries The Band CAMINO. “Psycho (When I Wake Up)” feels far more like an anthem though – a breakup anthem, of sorts. But is it truly a breakup anthem, or is singer Carson Hogan simply contemplating the idea of a breakup? You be the judge.

J. Stokes – “Wave”: Recently the artist formerly known as Jeremiah Stokes underwent a transformation, but don’t worry, the transformation was in name only, with the rapper dropping “Jeremiah” in favor of a simpler “J. Stokes” moniker. Indeed, Stokes’ flow is just as crisp and rhythmic as it’s ever been on “Wave,” a brief, melodic head-bobber with a certain crunch to it. It’s a quick sneak peek into what he’s been cooking up since his 2020 EP The Harrowing, and hopefully it’s just a taste of what else is to come.

Audiodacity – “Wildcard”: Audiodacity is an Indianapolis-based band that has been making a name for themselves around the area over the last decade or so, even in spite of having released very little music of their own. So when the seven-piece released their first new single in two years last week, it felt necessary to include this fun party rocker bound to be an absolute riot live. “Wildcard” is well, a wildcard, boasting an ever-evolving horns section, not to mention vocals that start off sounding like 311’s Nick Hexum before at some point morphing into a distant cousin of Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie.

You can find all of my Hoosier picks in one place on Spotify, updated monthly. Be sure to go follow the playlist if you like what you hear, and feel free to let me know of any up and coming Hoosiers you think I should feature for the next month.

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