Hoosier Monthly Digest: May 2022 Edition

Native Sun – “Under The Sun”: Native Sun is one of Indianapolis’ best kept secrets. The trio fuses old-school hip-hop vibes with smooth yet tight instrumentation resulting in this stellar, eclectic live sound. It’s a sound captured quite well on their latest full-length album Never Be King, which just released early last month. Although the entire 12-track record is worth a listen, “Under The Sun” is a great first taste. Featuring guest vocals from fellow Circle City singer-songwriter Allison Victoria, the group immediately kicks into this groove, finding a pocket and staying there for the song’s entire 6 and a half minute duration.

Devin Hopwood – “Why Now?”: I discovered Devin Hopwood at the very tail end of last month thanks to a friend’s recommendation. The Indiana native currently based in Texas just released his 7-song EP Husk, interestingly enough on the same day Native Sun released their own album. “Why Now?” is this fun, easy-going shuffle with a gentle glide and synths that come seemingly out of nowhere, making the tune feel equal parts indie folk and electropop.

81355 – “Lost Highway”: Hot off the trails of an Audiotree Live performance available now on digital streaming platforms, 81355’s newest single finds the Indy-based trio teaming up with Spacebomb House Band and famed Houston hip-hop artist Fat Tony, the latter of whom adds an extra emphasis with his feature. The result is “Lost Highway,” a driving rap rocker with an almost-eerie chorus.

Remington Hill – “Iceberg”: Although he’s originally from northwest Ohio, singer Remington Hill recorded “Iceberg” at Naptime Recordings in Indy, and with vocals as powerful as Hill’s, it would have been insane for me not to include him after discovering “Iceberg.” While Hill both soars and croons, contemplating if he’s “gone too deep,” musically the song boasts strong elements of both blues and soul throughout.

Shadowalker – “Starting from Scratch”: On Shadowalker’s newest offering “Starting from Scratch,” the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist channels his inner Gorillaz, particularly on the track’s verses, while its synthy, vibey nature serves as solid musical backing for a tune all about building back from the ground up.

Sakoya – “King”: I don’t really listen to heavy music as much as I used to, so when I discover a band of this persuasion that I do like, it makes them that much cooler to me. Sakoya is one I just randomly stumbled on, completely by accident, but I’m glad I did. While there’s nothing inherently unique or groundbreaking about their song “King,” its driving melodic hard rock nature and top-tier production would make it fit right at home on SiriusXM Octane.

You can find all of my Hoosier picks in one place on Spotify, updated monthly. May’s edition also includes our past premieres from Saint Aubin and O.D.D.I.T.Y. Be sure to go follow the playlist if you like what you hear, and feel free to let me know of any up and coming Hoosiers you think I should feature for the next installment.

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