Humans of Bunbury: A Portrait Series

Photos and words by Samantha Skapin

When you attend a three day music festival, the festival grounds start to feel like it’s own little world. There’s amazing food (like Sriracha mac and cheese and lemonade which was basically my Bunbury diet), interesting fashion trends, and of course the interesting people that come along with those fashion trends.

Although I had a hectic schedule, I made it my mission while at Bunbury to hunt down some of these festival-goers and talk to them a little bit about what artists and bands they were most excited for, why they like Bunbury, and themselves.  Here are the photos I took during my three days at Bunbury along with some words I captured along the way.

“We have literally waited all day here for Wiz and it’s FINALLY HAPPENING” – Two girls at the barricade for Wiz Khalifa on Day 1 of Bunbury

“I started hand making these flowers for festivals a couple of years ago for Lollapalooza. Since then business really grew and now I travel to other festivals to sell them!”- A vendor at Bunbury Day 2 selling handmade flowers

“Oh SHIT you have an awesome name. I’m excited to see Pretty Lights and Bassnectar later, they are kind of the whole reason I came”- Sam from Bunbury Day 2

“Before you take the photo, let me get some of the Bassnectar out for you”- A “Basshead” from Day 2 on her way to the barricade

“We’re just kind of here to see everyone who’s playing today it’s such a good lineup we can’t really pick” – Zoe, Kristina, and Maya from Day 2 of Bunbury

“Yeah I just got this yesterday because Bunbury is pretty awesome”- Dan on Day 2 of Bunbury

“We are super excited to see The 1975 tomorrow, they are so talented it’s going to be amazing”- Two fans chilling in the shade on the super hot Day 2

“I have this parrot, and his name is Word. Because ya know, bird is the word right??”- A fan making his way with his parrot, “Word” to the main stage for Bassnectar.

“Yo! Your Chon shirt is sick. Chon is one of my favorite bands, I wish they were playing here today honestly” – A fan on my apparently sick Chon shirt (also, hint hint to Chon to play next year please)

A “Basshead” couple I stopped while making my way towards one of the stages during the day.

“Welcome to BASSVILLE girl!” – Some “Basshead” fans in the town of Bassville apparently

“I’m excited to see Muse tomorrow, I heard their shows are really theatrical so it should be good”- Carolyn

A fan waiting to catch up with her friends before Bassnectar’s set

“If you haven’t been to a Bassnectar show, just know there’s gonna be lots of head banging. So make sure you get some shots of that for sure”- A group of fans before Tech N9ne’s set giving me advice for Bassnectar’s set later

I saw the fan I took photos of earlier coincidentally at the barricade, so I showed her some shots I took of her earlier that day, and of course, had to get another of her waiting for Tech N9ne.

“Bassnectar will always be my favorite to see live. Have you been to one of his shows?”- A fan when asked what her favorite act of Bunbury would be.

A couple getting ready to see Bassnectar perform momentarily.



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