Humans on the Floor – The Second 1

Guest Review by Jack Lutz of The Rapid Jags

Fresh off their first release in March, Humans on the Floor are back with their sophomore
EP, The Second 1. Humans on the Floor are a collaboration project between Rob Bell and
Joseph, a folk rock sister trio. This EP is definitely a groovy indie release that relies heavily on
1980s new wave and post-punk influences.

“Airtight” starts off the sophomore EP with a bang as the band kicks in after a short guitar
intro. This track was a very fun starting track. Rob has vocals that reminded me of Mark
Mothersbaugh, the lead singer of classic new-wave band, Devo. The backing vocals by Joseph
are very extensive throughout the entire song. They add to the track so much, and this really
drives the song from beginning to end.

They slow it down a bit on the next track, “I Am at Dogs.” This song features very abstract
lyrics that I am still yet to understand, but nevertheless, the lyrics drive the song to a fun and
quirky mood. This is the type of track that would fit perfectly into any artsy indie movie

“This Kind of Magic” starts off with the line “I swear I could build a spaceship.” At first
puzzling, but as the song goes on, you find the story Rob is telling to be very interesting. The
song felt like it kept spiraling up into what would be a powerful, and loud chorus. The lyric
meanwhile, take you on a sonic adventure. Then the song ends with a semi-eerie high choir-like
part saying “What is this kind of magic,” that definitely gives a cool and unique ending to this

“Intentions, Baby” kicks off with a short intro of bass and drums that reminded me of a
Fountains of Wayne song. The song takes you on a windy sonic journey because of the backing
harmony vocals of Joseph. Like the last track, the lyrics in this one also have some space
themes intertwined in the lyrics. The song closes out with a very abrupt ending that segues
straight into the closing track.

“The Sun Is Finally Shining” was definitely a very unexpected closing track. The song
gives me a 2000s Emo and Indie acoustic ballad type feel, that features backing vocals that are
almost Prince-esque. This track reminds me a lot of the closing track to a very similar style
album, The Killer’s Hot Fuss and the closing track on that album, “Everything Will Be Alright.”
The song fades out with a distant choir-like chant.

In conclusion, I thought this was a fantastic EP that definitely made me a fan. This is
some great indie music that is just overall fun, dancey, and will get you in a great mood.
Definitely go and check out this group. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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