Hunny – Homesick

Californian band Hunny has created these 5  songs with faith in their abilities, and this EP is a good showing of their attributes. Homesick is their record of lost love and incoherent dreams, a collection brimming in emotion and poignant monologues. It’s story driven and shows pop punk layers, gifting the scene with evocative lyrics too.

The band echoes through their thoughts moments when the nightmares stagger in and out of their minds, when happiness gets pushed to a breaking point, and the world seems blurry. Lyrically, the act, deliver honesty above everything else, and they don’t hold back, but go for the ride through the impactful storm.

Musically, guitars aren’t abrasive, but they do become catalysts carrying the noise. The record is subtle more than being too loud, and everything doesn’t need to have this highly intense rip roaring, sound, as this record shows. There’s enough here for the pop punk faithful, and for the beat poets, it has the shine, the poetic significance.

The EP starts with JFK. The subtle guitar arrangements merge well with the raised vocals. Lyrically, this song has its moments, and it describes a place in time, where everything doesn’t go to plan. It’s a short opening. Homesick opens with another well-versed riff, and the homesickness has become more than an itch here. The words convey loneliness, and an underwhelming job environment. Loser starts with light percussion and attitude. Every lyric here has significance, even when they’re unnerving. 

Hunny has chronicled their beliefs through their songs. Homesick isn’t the most comprehensive EP out there, but it certainly has the desired effect, and lyrically it bares all.

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