hunny – homesick

This is desirable music with a melancholic twist. LA band Hunny keep their momentum on red alert with Homesick, which is their EP of composure. The act does not keep their secrets to themselves either, as the lyrics detail love being smashed to pieces. The lyrical verve is intriguing, and the band delivers on all fronts, substance over style. The band also state that they want to be the biggest band on the planet, while playing fun infused songs, and why not be audacious in a world breaking apart?

The music isn’t styled or tapered to one genre. It isn’t smooth or casually dressed in subtle tones, either, but it isn’t fused in volatility. The album is well balanced also, committing to well structured, pessimistic, songs that reveal so much. Precisely put, Homesick is about broken memories, and the American dream gone bad, and while it is sombre in nature, it has moments when you feel like you’re listening to someone open up, someone who has the belief to breakaway from their sins and their tired life.

Homesick starts the EP. A quirky riff ensues and the vocals are soft. The chorus is an infectious blast. The band wants to feel something real. Loser opens impressively, and the dials are turned up. The story unfolds, and it’s a undesirable one. The chorus directs us to a pessimistic cycle. Speed Dial is a fully customised rock song, loud and infectious. The chorus complements the striking guitar riff.

Hunny has revealed their hopes and dreams, but pain is weighing on their shoulders.

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