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Here are a few new standout tracks from bands you’ll want to keep watch on.

Thought Trials / Greybloom – Kintsugi

The latest track in this collaboration melds post-rock and early emo vibes with the visceral emotive vocals from bands like Envy. Post-metal might be the best way to categorize it, but there’s a lot of emotional hardcore influence at play as well. This Texas/New York collab pays off well, and the result feels indebted to the likes of Alcest and Rinoa in many respects.

Jordan Klassen – Niko

Jordan Klassen continues to add to his varied and enchanting discography, and “Niko” is no outlier when it comes to showcasing Klassen’s penchant for lacing poetry in chamber arrangements. If you’re a fan of Sufjan Stevens, you’ll feel at home.

Overgrow – You’ve Got It All

We’ve covered Overgrow before, but if you’re late to the party, this modern emo act is preparing to release their debut LP in March. “You’ve Got It All” is a good place to dive in—then check out the other recent singles as well.

Domestic Terminal – Gicky Stab

Domestic Terminal are back with two new tracks, and “Gicky Stab” is exemplary in showing the band’s ability to craft nostalgic Midwest emo that hearkens back to the likes of The Appleseed Cast. It’s gentle but not passive, constantly in flux with lively drums and guitar lines. “Meet Me In Denver” shows a more pensive side of the band and is worth exploring as well.

The Royal Foundry – Hello Dreamer Baby

Imagine Andrew McMahon had an odd affinity for The Killers and San Fermin and you get The Royal Foundry’s latest single, an upbeat track that’s just fun.

Paper Branches – Like Oil

Paper Branches’ music is a mixed bag of artful pop that oscillates between bombastic orchestration and subdued ballads. “Like Oil” falls into the latter, but even in its simplicity, the songwriting is formidable, and the result is comforting.

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