Inside Voices – Liminal Space

LA band Inside Voices provide an emotive sound. With their record Liminal Space, they have exemplified a well rounded sonic output, and lyrical qualities which make the album interesting. And emotion is key to their success, and on this record the band demonstrates through their lyricism, that they’re at one with words. It can be a soft listen at times too, giving the listener a chance to fall into the subtlety, the grandiosity.

This EP is made up of six anthems for the broken youth. At moments, sadness does come in, it does sink into the framework, but doesn’t overpower the whole experience. The record naturally becomes a voice for the voiceless, an embrace. It also entertains with its fluidity, channelling inner conflicts with expert sounds, sounds that may heal. Optimism does come along, but it sometimes it has trouble staying alive. This may sound like the record is fully negative, a record carrying too much weight, but it isn’t. It’s a compendium, featuring enough vigour to keep it on top.

Inside Voices may not be the biggest, most glamourous act out there, but what they are doing at the moment breaks the mould. Their brand of rock, fundamentally, pushes the listener into a state of reflection, where they feel everything come at them like an emotional whirlwind. A Hero Appears starts proceedings. A quirky guitar riff compliments the vocals, and the lyrics convey feelings of isolation. Snooze again begins with an unconventional riff, technical and balanced. It takes time until the vocals appear, but when they do, they add a different dimension. Title track Liminal Space showcases astute percussion and guitar wonder, and the story commits to sadness.

Inside Voices has created a record of unorthodox and original sounds. Their music isn’t linear in any way, it strikes the limits of rock.

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