Izzi Sleep – It’s No Use, Mr. James!

By Ryan G

If you live around Columbus and follow the indie scene, you might have heard of Rat Motel – a garage rock duo. Seth Peacock of Rat Motel has emerged with an alter-ego, Izzi Sleep, whom recently released a record you might find intriguing.

Truthfully, I listened to the record some time ago but I’ve found it difficult to sum up my reaction. The closest comparison in mood that I can ascertain from this record is that of another very niche Columbus act – Gelatinus Cube. The overall quirkiness is hard to sum up succinctly, but I will try!

One big difference between these two niche acts, other than their respective ages (Gelatinus Cube was a prolific touring act in DIY during the early 2010s) is in the vocals – Seth Peacock’s apathetic drawl (Izzi Sleep) is the ying to Pat Chase’s urgent, nasally tenor (Gelatinus Cube) yang. They share a tone that at times could be interpreted as sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek.

Cue Seth peering at me around the corner asking me, “ya think?” At least, that’s what I picture in my mind’s eye.

This brand of rock and roll feels surprisingly on point for this Friday evening. It’s a little gray outside and I feel like I’m stuck in a whirlwind of “everything is happening right now” that life is throwing at me. Mostly positive stuff, and I’m enjoying it – mostly. When I feel burned out but stoked on life at the same time, sometimes all I can do is sit back and nod along in my dark office while this brand of off-kilter rock plays in the background. It’s oddly cathartic. It’s so pleasantly odd it complements my mood. The email from Seth that introduced this project to me described the genre as “thick doze pop” and while that makes no sense on paper it makes all the sense in the world after listening.

It’s No Use, Mr. James! lays on the quirky vibes thick. And while it won’t lull you to sleep it will push your mindset into a sort of pleasantly odd stupor. Bring out the incense and booze. I’ll be sitting over here wondering if I captured the mood of this album well.

Izzi Sleep is on Instagram, but you should follow Rat Motel on Instagram also.

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