The multiple-GRAMMY nominated rapper shares his favorite KFC menu items to be featured on the KFC app and KFC.com 

24-year-old, Louisville, KY native Jack Harlow has quickly become one of music’s biggest stars with nearly 5 billion career streams to date. Like many of us, Jack grew up eating KFC. Some might even say Jack and KFC are “Already Best Friends.” 

Included in Jack’s Kentucky Fried Favorites are the rapper’s go-to menu items— the Spicy KFC Chicken Sandwich, Secret Recipe Fries, Extra Crispy Tenders, a side of Mac & Cheese and of course, KFC’s famous biscuits. Yum! 

Jack recently returned to his hometown to visit KFC’s headquarters in Louisville, where he met with KFC’s Head Chef, Chris Scott, for a behind-the-scenes look – and taste – at how KFC makes its “finger lickin’ good” fried chicken and fan-favorite sides. 

“Partnering up with KFC feels like poetic justice. I’ve begun traveling the world and no matter how far I go, KFC is one of the first things people want to bring up when they find out where I’m from,” says Harlow. 

Guests can skip the drive-thru line and enjoy Jack’s Kentucky Fried Favorites faster by ordering through KFC’s Quick Pick-Up option on the KFC app or KFC.com at select locations. 

Harlow and KFC first announced their year-long partnership in December 2021. Fans can expect more opportunities to celebrate KFC’s partnership with Jack Harlow throughout the year including experiences with Jack himself! 

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