Joyce Manor – 40 oz. to Fresno

Obsessions can be debilitating, and the world is a catalyst of doom for some people. Changing your perspective can be a joyous thing, changing your perception of what the world can be will always make for a better existence. Channelling your aggression through a medium, music, writing, will aid you in your journey, and may keep you from giving in. Joyce Manor become a band for the moment with their album 40 oz. to Fresno, and they speak the truth through hard-hitting lyricism, that may change your perception, and these words they have written are truly on point.

The band has created a record bluntly telling us as it is. They have broken down, their world seems bleak, and their music reflects that. The album isn’t a pretty listen, but it has been designed seamlessly, providing the listener with music that has a connection, that does offer relevance and appeal, in an unorthodox way. Though, this is a case. The record has moments when the panic halts, and some light shimmers through.

The instrumentals are distinctive here too. They have been created flawlessly, and are expertly driven, breaking norms and adding diversity to the rock world. Souvenir starts the record with a brilliantly weaved riff, and the vocals come graciously. Obsessions are described here, and the world weighs down. Reason To Believe begins with soft vocal work and then it gains momentum. The riff is pleasing, and the story tells tales of emotion. Did You Ever Know is a short song, but a great stab at rock, blistering in its execution. It delivers a quick punch of authority.

Joyce Manor shows their credentials fully on this release. It is a majestic listen, and will propel the band to greater heights. Their influence can now be fully rooted.

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